Sabre - TC

The SABRE for Tower Cranes is specially configured keeping tower cranes in mind. The system shows the operator the trolley position, Safe Working Load, radius, slew readings, tilt angle, hook depth & wind readings.

The SABRE for Tower Cranes is configured to accept load inputs from dynamometers.

The SABRE has an intelligent self-diagnostics system that warns the operator any type of failure. This reliable system is easy both to install and calibrate.

Benefits and Features:

  • Low cost
  • Quick & easy installation and calibration.
  • Calibration is password protected.
  • The processor electronics are self-contained in the display. This reduces cab-based hardware.
  • It is a full rated capacity indicator with chart programming.
  • Indication of overload, anti-two-block and cut-off conditions.
  • Intelligent self-diagnostics system.
  • Continuous display of load, tilt angle, SWL, radius on the display. All system settings are stored on system power down.
  • Operator settable limit for, angle, length and radius are standard.
  • Aural and visual alarms warn the operator of approach to overload and capacity overload.
  • Tilt, High load and Wind cut-off included.
  • Data protection in case of system failure.
  • Display illumination.
  • Conforms to European (CE) Standards

Technical Data

  • Control box dimensions : 99.05mm X 81.28mm X 200.02mm (3.9″ X 3.2″ X 7.88″)
  • Power : 12 or 24 VDC (10,2 to 36 VDC MAX)
  • Temperature : -20 C to 70 C (-10° to 140° F)
  • Audible alarm : 80 Db in cab (with the external alarm option: 112 Db outside)
  • Relay outputs : 2×2 amp included